Modern Family – Phil On Wire (S03E03)

Review of Season 3, Episode 3 of Modern Family - Tight-Rope Walking Phil


This week, the women both tried manipulation to get their families to change, but in each case it backfired wonderfully.  We go to see “Inception Claire” and Gloria chewing a shoe.  Does it get any better?

While Cam and Mitch went on a “Juice Fast” (or as Luke called it, “Jew Fast,”) Phil was inspired by the “weird little man” and decided to tight-rope walk like he’d always dreamed.  Phil to me is like a real-life Homer Simpson.  Loving, caring, and truly believes everything can be accomplished.  He’s a bumbling idiot at times, but so much fun to watch.  It’s quite a feat to embody a beloved cartoon character, but Ty Burrell does it brilliantly (and was rewarded with an Emmy for it!)

As usual though, it was Claire and Gloria stealing the limelight.  Claire, on a quest to get her daughters to make peace and attend the same 2nd year math class, winds up arrested for mouthing off (brilliantly) to a fake officer in front of Hailey and Alex’s school.  Not that they were much better.  Even as sisters, they got caught trying to cheat.  Life as criminals isn’t in the offering for those two.

But, Gloria, feeling a little jealous of the dog, Stella, was in fine form trying everything she could think of to get Jay angry at the dog.  My highlight, and possibly a picture I’ll never forget is seeing Gloria chewing on Jay’s shoe in order to entice Stella.

With such a talented and varied cast, it’s no wonder Modern Family is consistently funny, week after week.

Spoonfuls (Thoughts in Smaller Portions):

1. Law And Order: Special Parking Unit would be a good show

Everyone wishes they had the time and patience to come up with that kind of line when dealing with annoying authority figures.

2. Unforgettable Quotes

“I’ve got two ways to cross the lawn.” Phil after successful tight-rope walking
“Everything I touch turns to detention” Hailey after getting caught cheating
“It goes: Wife, Mistress, Dog. Dog is always at the bottom.” Gloria on being under appreciated.

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