New Girl – Wedding (S01E03)

New Girl Season 1 Episode 3 Review - Wedding. Mime-chael Jackson - Ruiner - Suppress The Jess


New Girl is destined to become average sitcom fare if it continues to have such uneven episodes. Parts of the third episode were interesting and showed promise, but there was still too much Jess being Jess.  Too bad she didn’t follow the advice to, “Suppress the Jess.”

I’ll give the show credit, whereas a lot of new shows struggle to get the characters to click, that doesn’t seem to be an issue for this group.  Their showing up together and hanging out together always seems natural and just works.  In fact, it may be nice to have them in separate places for longer stretches.  Perhaps, seeing one of their jobs would make for an interesting setting.

That kid Jimmy (Armaan Juneja), stole the show this week.  His smooth ushering skills, pure confidence and complete shaming of Winston was  thing of beauty.  I know we’ve now seen Winston more than we saw Coach, but it still feels like he’s the new guy that doesn’t quite fit in yet with everyone.  I just wish they’d re-shot the pilot, instead of having him come into the season afterward.

We are starting to see all three characters expand a bit beyond their original caricatures.  Schmidt is like a modern Joey, and has the most versatile name on TV.  Having Gretchen proclaim, “Tonight, I’m going to get certified on the river Schmidt,” only added to the Schmidt-isms so far this season.  He’s become my favourite character so far.  I like Nick, but his Caroline obsession has been hanging over his head for so long, maybe now that he’s put her in the past, we can move on from scorned lovers’ storylines.

I look forward to the inevitable romance between Nick and Jess.  Their Photobooth connection and fake dating at the wedding is going to lead somewhere.  Nothing substantial this year, but there will be some mention of it between the guys.

Oh and the song at the end this week?  Phil Collins’ Groovy Kind Of Love.  There’s definitely an ’80s fetish in the writers’ room.

Spoonfuls (Thoughts in Smaller Portions):

1. All Episodes Have 1 Word Titles…Will It Last?

I already know that it won’t, but it may be the norm.  Next week will be a two-worded show, but minimalist names will be a theme.

2. Mime-chael Jackson

Perhaps the best nickname of the night.

3. Looks like We’ll See Broke (Brooke) Again

She’s gonna show up next week.  That’s Katie Cassidy, who has been on the verge of stardom for years.

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