Two And A Half Men – Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt (S09E01)

Two and a Half Men - 901 - Nice To Meet You Walden Schmidt - TV Review of Season 9 premiere


The most anticipated sitcom episode in quite a while and it was just okay. The best part of the entire episode was a surprise appearance by a couple any Chuck Lorre fan would recognize…

Ashton Kutcher isn’t a horrible actor and I don’t dislike him.  But so far his character doesn’t mesh very well and the show just feels off.  Charlie Sheen was just extremely believable without being loathsome.  That’s a hard thing to pull off when your character is a degenerate alcoholic with sleazy tendencies.  But, Sheen did it well and removing him from the cast revealed the hole for all to see.

I’m grateful that they didn’t ignore all emotion from Charlie’s death and that Alan did pay tribute for a few brief moments to the brother that took him in and gave him a free place to stay.  Of course, now that he’s dead, the money Charlie left to Alan couldn’t possibly be enough for him to live on his own and inevitably, Ashton..or Walden Schmidt will move in and keep the Harper’s around.  Strange premise, but maybe it can work.

In fact, people forget how great Kutcher was in That 70s’ Show.  He had a knack for physical comedy and played Kelso perfectly.  But, since then Kutcher hasn’t really done much in the acting world and what he has done has flopped.  I think casting him as the lead in this show may be his downfall.  2.5 Men is now a show of supporting characters and despite his massive celebrity, Kutcher hasn’t successfully played the leading man yet.  If they want to keep the audience around (more so the female than the male, probably,) they’ll probably need a lot more Kutcher naked-time.

Lorre earned some respect by bringing back the beloved characters Dharma and Greg.  Even if it was brief, it was really great to see them back on the screen and Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson were gracious to re-enter that world.

Two and a Half Men reunites Dharma and Greg (Jenna Elfman & Thomas Gibson) in S09E01 with Ashton Kutcher

Spoonfuls (Thoughts in Smaller Portions):

1. Does John Stamos ever age?

This video he did recently was both hilarious and a little creepy, but man does he look good.

2. Jake looks half his size!

Angus T Jones must have spent the summer buying new clothes because he looks more like his TV Dad this season.

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