What Was Written On The Sign At The Church? (HIMYM)

Did everyone catch the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother?  Right after the opening scene, we all see a beautiful church with people arriving for a wedding. As the shot pans over to Ted and Marshall, it goes past the sign at the front of the church. See what it looks like after the break.

For the patient among you, here’s the screengrab of the church sign that could be a reference to that great song by The Byrds.

himym s06e01 - big days - to everything there is a season


It could be nothing, but this has always been a show that pays attention to the details and this is a giant sign that is clearly visible.  This may even be a callback to a previous episode, but if it is I can’t remember it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Easy Link: http://goo.gl/oUPfe
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  • Ego

    anyone else notice that the middle words on the top of the sign are backwards?.. i can make out the first word as saying “first” then the last word saying “church” but the rest are backwards…

    • Yawgurt

      I think the word you’re looking for is congregational, so it reads, “First Congregational Church”

  • olivia

    Yeah I think I’ve heard it in church.

  • Tommy Katz

    wow. I didn’t even see that. Cool find. I think that’s a saying in the bible but i could be wrong.

    • Nyangel2286

      it is Ecclesiastes, i think, and it is references in the Byrds song Turn Turn Turn.

      • CzyLady

        THE BIBLE, must later the Byrds